A Community Planned to the Last Detail

From the moment we broke ground in 1997, Les Clos Prévostois’ mission was clearly established: to create an integrated community in Prévost, for a diverse, discerning clientele, while respecting environmental guidelines.

Les Clos Prévostois features:

  • protected green spaces, such as the ecological park, la Coulée, in the heart of the community;
  • a refined residential development with winding roads and culs-de-sac to enhance the landscape and slow traffic down, ample space between houses to ensure privacy, and quality buildings with a unified architectural style;
  • a retail sector within walking distance, in order to optimize the residents’ lifestyle and accessibility to services;
  • diversified sectors (single-family, semi-detached, villas and condos, multi-family) that meet the needs of a diverse clientele (families, couples, retirees and empty-nesters);
  • Lots of approximately 8,000 to 10,000 sq. ft., with natural gas access, sewer system, aqueduct, hydro, and pavement.